Bridgeport, CT – TEA·RRIFIC! ICE CREAM®, an artisanal ice cream company based in Bridgeport, CT, has announced the launch of an online store on its website Customers in the US can now place orders and have the Company’s all-natural, tea-infused ice cream shipped directly to them.  All six of the Company’s flavors will be available for shipping, all in pint size – Chamomile, Chunky London Mist, Ginger Matcha, Lavender’s Blueberry, London Mist, Masala Chai. Mario Leite, President and Founder of TEA·RRIFIC! ICE CREAM® stated, “In the short time that we have been a company, we have received many requests from individuals across the country asking if our product is available for shipping. Today we are very excited to announce that customers can now have our distinctly delicious ice cream shipped directly to their doorstep!”

Pints can be ordered through the online store for $10 per pint, plus a small additional shipping fee (deliveries to Connecticut will also be subject to a sales tax). There is a 4 pint minimum per order and free shipping for orders of 6 pints or more. Please visit us at and place your order today!

About The Company:

TEA·RRIFIC! ICE CREAM® is an artisanal ice cream company based in Bridgeport, CT. Mario Leite, creator and co-owner of the company with his wife, was a former investment banker and decided to make ice cream flavors from two of his favorite tea beverages, Thai Iced Tea and Earl Grey. After the overwhelmingly positive response from these two flavors, Mario decided to build a new company focused on tea-infused ice cream. The goal of the company is to craft the finest all-natural tea-infused ice cream using only the best ingredients sourced locally and from around the globe and without any of the gums, stabilizers or preservatives that have no place in great ice cream—keeping it simple, while delivering a distinctly delicious ice cream experience that is flavorful, creamy, finishes clean off the palate and leaves you wanting more.


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