Our Story


I have had a long time love affair with ice cream. As a child, the sweeter, chunkier and gooier the ice cream the better. However, over time I developed a more discerning palate. I began searching for ice cream that offered more unique and complex flavors, the finest ingredients and finished clean off the palate, with none of those unnecessary gums, preservatives, stabilizers or artificial colors and flavors found in most ice cream today, but nothing in the market fit the bill.

So one day I made a batch of ice cream from an all-natural blend of Earl Grey, one of my favorite teas…and it was a hit! I realized I was on to something when I saw people’s eyes light up with glee over this unexpectedly delicious and complex flavor, offering the malty and subtly citrus notes of Assam black tea and bergamot. In addition to tasting great, it also finished clean off the palate while leaving the essence of a great cup of Earl Grey on your taste buds.

So I thought…why stop there? There is such a wide variety of loose leaf and herbal teas that are enjoyed all over the world. The flexibility of tea to impart and pair well with flavors ranging from sweet to savory and floral to fruity makes it an ideal ingredient to let your imagination run wild. The flavor combinations are endless! And, as a plus, these teas are all really good for you too!

Thus, TEA·RRIFIC! ICE CREAM was born.

Since then we’ve added several flavors and everyone, from friends and family to serious foodies and gourmet chefs, have described our ice cream as “delicious”, “unique”, “amazing” and even “refreshing”. In short, TEA·RRIFIC!


“TEA-RRIFIC! ICE CREAM – yes, all caps – it was that
good! We all went back for seconds, thirds,
fourths, fifths!”